Residence Firenze, Serristori Palace Firenze
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Palazzo Serristori Residence is only minutes away from the main sights in the historic centre of Florence, easy to get to on foot or using the convenient public transport network, which includes the D and C3 bus lines to the centre.

Our guests will be able to reach Florence’s fascinating landmark, the Ponte Vecchio, in a few minutes, and visit the city of Florence in all its splendour.

A city renowned throughout the world, Florence is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its immense artistic and cultural heritage which makes it feel like a large, extended museum.
Dating back to 150 BC, when the Etruscans of nearby Visul (the modern Fiesole) founded a satellite city to take advantage of the proximity to the river, and appointed capital of Etruria and Umbria by the Roman emperor Diocletian, it was at the time of the Medici family that the city reached its maximum splendour. A splendour which makes it one of the most admired cities in Italy and in the world.

Under the rule of the Medici family, the city of Florence acquired prestige and became the “workplace” of several amongst the most important Italian artists, so much so as to be called “the cradle of the Renaissance”.

Within its few miles, the historic centre boasts the highest artistic achievements of the leading figures representing the artistic movements of the time: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Brunelleschi and Raphael.

The Florence historic centre features a wealth of art and architecture treasures, consisting of monuments, historic buildings, palazzi, churches, museums and paintings.